Forwarding agents are professionals in the transport sector, and more specifically
in the transportation of goods.
It is mainly a matter of organisation,
in fact, they are also defined as “architects of transport”.


Their main duty is to handle a client’s need to transfer purchased or sold goods, often to and from foreign countries, providing their support by handling all of the customs and fiscal duties that may be required, as well as retrieving the most suitable means of transport. A for the international road transport sector, forwarding agents could be divided into two preliminary subdivisions; the first kind is specialised in providing its services to an homogeneous kind of clients, learning the specifics of the goods they produce and arranging their transportation all over the world in very close contact with the company’s logistic department; on the other hand, the second kind of shipping agents is specialised in a specific route between two different countries, offering its services to any kind of clients.

Nowadays, forwarding agents are expected to have an ever increasing care for details in the transportation of wares, by supporting their clients with the knowledge of laws and regulations in force in any specific country, or even providing their help to obtain and guarantee the payment of goods, usually via systems such as CAD (Credit Against Documents), COD (Cash On Delivery), banking credit letters, as well as obviously following and ensuring all the steps of the shipping process.

In most cases, especially when handling small batches, forwarding agents usually equip themselves with private warehouses where shipments are consolidated. As soon as an adequate volume of goods has been reached, or on a defined day, the forwarding agents arrange for the load to be done on the most suitable mean of transport. Forwarding agents are responsible for choosing the most adequate carrier to which the single transport at full load or groups of different goods consolidated in a “groupage” are entrusted. It is as well their responsibility to establish a relation with foreign shipping agents (correspondents) that will then be their counterpart in carrying out the same operations abroad.




MITO guarantees services which include the following operations:

  • Pick up with local vehicles
  • Forwarding to consolidation warehouse or terminal
  • Road/rail transport to the port, airport or train hub
  • Retrieval and positioning of equipment
  • Freight negotiation with ferries, railways or road carriers
  • Unloading at arrival hub
  • Customs duties brokerage
  • Documental needs
  • Insurance coverage
  • Delivery to destination terminal


Itis guaranteed by the following aspects:

  • MITO takes on direct responsibility for all the transportation process
  • MITO ensures higher performances according to the level of quality required by its customers, this allows to set standards of service.
  • MITO offers performances which are estimable through the added value bestowed on goods thanks to MITO’s intervention.
  • MITO focuses on customers’ satisfaction always looking for the best way to answer their needs.
  • MITO benefits from simple bureaucratic praxes that allow a considerable reduction of the time required to obtain any mandatory shipping documentation.
  • MITO acts as a partner of its clients all along the service management chain, substituting for the client itself in safeguarding its interests when handling goods.
  • MITO integrates all of the segments that form the transport service chain.
  • In case of services provided by intermediary companies, all inefficiencies that may arise between the different steps of a transport chain relapse on the client; whereas in a multimodal contract, all of the possible inefficiencies are responsibility of MITO, and its clients just pay what contractually agreed for the whole service.

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